Welcome to Ink and Skin: Word Made Flesh.

Everyone has a story. Sometimes it’s hard to share that story, and even then,  it can be difficult for others to hear your story. There is a great deal of competition for our ever-shortening attention spans.

I’m fascinated by stories. I like to hear them, especially deeper stories that are close to the heart. Talking about the weather, sports, or the latest TV shows takes the place of sharing our stories – and yet we long to be heard.

“Tattoos take what’s on the inside and put it on the outside.” ~Nadia Bolz-Weber

Ink and Skin: Word Made Flesh is built on the premise that the art that we apply to our bodies often comes with a story. Nadia Bolz-Weber told me that “Tattoos take what’s on the inside and put it on the outside.” I’ve discovered that simply saying to someone, “I like your ink.  Is there a story?” can lead to interesting, and often deep conversations with persons.

In His book, Soul Tattoo: A Life and Spirit Bearing the Marks of God, Samuel Kee writes: “While we may get tattoos for many reasons, there’s one common purpose: to tell a story. Perhaps to tell the story, the story of our humanity. Tattoos are a way of permanently recording one’s sense of dignity, lest we forget. With permanent ink, we remember a feeling, a person, an experience, a love, a victory, a loss. All the stuff that makes us feel our humanity.”

If I ask, I may hear their story, and both of us may be blessed.

Blessing, however, is never intended to be hoarded. I like to say that we are given “leaky blessings” that pass through us to others. Through this blog, I hope to share my journey, and some of these conversations, with you, and hopefully you will also be blessed.